sunny day at the grave

by Agumon

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This is a pop album about death, comfort, friendship, and identity.

This is my favorite release I've put out since I started writing songs and putting them on the internet (first one was october of 2013!!)

I actually wrote this album with "TAPE/CASSETTE" lengths in mind and there WILL BE A PHYSICAL RELEASE. WOW!

Thank you to everyone who inspires me to become a better musician, be a better person, and to keep my life together. I'm getting there. I believe in you too.

I've done so much more than I ever thought I could, and so much of it is luck. I've met some really nice people. Incredibly lucky.



released June 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Agumon Baltimore, Maryland

I write songs in my room. That's all. Sometimes the songs are okay. You can find a comp called 'Thirteen Old Songs' on a bunch of different streaming services. Follow me on twitter to look at all the dumb garbage I say. Love ya!
- Ryan

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Track Name: matrimony
Holy matrimony of death, how will you come find me?
swimming in your shadow, harvesting buds of fear
Don’t remind me how easy it is to end me
Keep your head straight, one tiny look can put me back in
The Brazilian wandering spider chooses who to kiss
And I might be the one, are you hiding in my car
Waiting to jump me? Will I go numb and hurt everyone around me?
Holly matrimony of death how will you come find me
I hold my breath as I drive through the underwater tunnel
The bolts might fail to keep the structure in place
God damn the water rushes in, the sharks and seaweed know im in the wrong part of town baptized by my own anxiety in the church of hell
Is there time to find God in this my honda
Holy Matriomony of death, how will you come find me?
Track Name: five finger fillet
The sun’s fists beat down, a neck break prior seem to go tme
I’m just out of reach of the ropes, the crowd is going wild
It’s no holds barred within the skin of my prison
The weather changes and it cuts me up with illegal spikes
The ref didn’t see it, I can’t help myself
This isn’t the hospital, I’m a stranger in a strange bar
The floor pulls me in and power slams me to hell
I hate hate the heat
I hate hate the heat
Five finger fillet over and over and over again
The winter is coming soon, the reigning champ of the light weight class
I can tag it in, rest along until the story changes
I’ve never been more alone than when I’m trapped inside a jacket I feel I must wear to hide myself from everyone around me.
I hate hate the heat
I hate hate the heat
Five finger fillet over and over and over again
Track Name: nobody likes milhouse
Hey man, I really like your band
It sounds a lot like mine
We can play in a pool of parasitic bugs
Let them swim through us and tear us apart
Pick and choose the white knuckles
We let punch along to the sounds of white noise
The safest places aren’t safe enough
I can name a few that would beat me to shit
If they only knew
Hey man I really like your band
It sounds a lot like mine
We can play together, we can die together, we can rot together
Track Name: the picture i never drew
we met one another in circuit frame
destined to travel to space
hit the ocean in a big old boat
meet and greet every single big and tiny dog
or to kill one another
it’s one or the other
Hey I wrote this really cool song
Can I sing it to you through the wall
You can tell me what you think
Don’t be scared to be honest because hey
I really can’t sing
Hey I apologize, I never really did draw that picture for you
But all of you are always on my mind
In a nightmare I had some evil friends
Who’d pin my innards on a wall
Break me down into layers of dust
But now I’m in a wild dream
And all of you are here with me
Track Name: hello north (demo)
You once said we can go up to maine
Your family has a house there
Can you make it so that no one else is there
Just us and the sounds of the american bumble bees
You know, I’d like to stay up one more time
Way past any hour I should be up
Laughing and smiling with you
Until we drift out
Sweetie I love you
But these bones are giving out
Splints don’t exist for the bottoms of spines
And quite frankly its time to sleep
I want you to know I may never wake up
And it’s finally my hour
We’ve waited a while
But I think we always knew
I might die in Maine
Track Name: ryann
I build characters in my head just to let them die
but I have these two
that will live forever
it’s an unspoken love
they kiss each other inside each others’ heads
Kyley with a y
Ryann with two ns
They walk together in a world without sound
Bridges loom over the long winding roads
Cars rush by without patrons behind the wheel
They’ve learned to pray before they could talk
They just walk on with their conscious and sight
Where do the bricks lead, why are we drawn to you?
I am not playing god, I am mastering the art
Shapeshift my skin inside out
Track Name: instead of melatonin (to a child)
To a child/Instead of melatonin
If you lay yourself down in bed, spooky ghouls will swarm your pretty head
The room might shrink into you, your skin may become the wall
The empty space to the right can destroy you, fear might be in there with you
But When the sun wakes up tomorrow, the earth can warm you up

with flowers in the dirt, the soil thinks of you
The clouds are gone now, but they’ll be back for you
Space is vast, but you’re the most important part
A gleaming stone caught in the cracks of a storm drain
You can be who you want in the mist of the rain

Get to sleep get to sleep get to sleep
the worker bees need their time
get to sleep get to sleep get to sleep
the working dogs are out of their mind
get to sleep get to sleep get to sleep
the worms in the dirt can play tomorrow
Track Name: austin, tx
Your younger sister bought 2 cans of your favorite iced tea
She sat with you at your grave. Slowly sipped on her own
And laid the other down next to you
A drunk driver hit the road, and turned the world to hell.
Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you
Some day I will find the sun, but for now I’ll keep moving
We still have the CD you made in high school
We play those songs when we begin to forget your voice
It’s always a lie looking for an excuse
3 people live with your organs blooming inside
and I’ve spotted you on the moon countless times
hula-hooping with the best of them
You’re always there, and we’ll be there too
Sunny day at the grave