Jazz for Cows

by Agumon

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I spent a nice chunk of time on this. I'd love to hear what you friends think of it. I tried on this. There are three bonus songs if you download it. I want to be a dog, black out swings, and holes vs. digimon the movie.


released April 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Agumon Baltimore, Maryland

I write songs in my room. That's all. Sometimes the songs are okay. You can find a comp called 'Thirteen Old Songs' on a bunch of different streaming services. Follow me on twitter to look at all the dumb garbage I say. Love ya!
- Ryan

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Track Name: same thing, another bed
at 16 i thought about this moment, at 20 i don't think i'll make it out alive
at 16 i thought about this moment, at 20 I don't think i have any of the answers i was looking for. i still lay awake in bed crying about the shape of my body. at 16 i thought of about this, at 20 i laugh at myself. at 16 i thought about this moment. at 20 i don't think i'll make it out alive. I'm still too scared and frustrated and nervous and so fucking confused. everything hurts and everything is pain oh my god oh my god oh my god.
Track Name: shred master if you ask me
I'm writing songs i would have loved back in high school. The ones about broken hearts, the ones about falling in love. The ones about staying up late and drinking all alone in your bed. I'm 19 trying to figure out what to talk about. I'm a shitty stereotype I stay awake at night. Sometimes I smoke a cigarette, and if i'm drunk, i talk about how much I love that cigarette. I'm writing songs I would've loved back in highschool. The ones that aren't thought out and pretty empty. The ones that are kind of stupid, and odn't make sense. I'm 19 trying to figure out what to talk about. I write songs all fucking day. The amount of songs that have gone unfinished is unbearable and i just want to play a show sometime. super super super dumb boring lyrics that i don't even remember. Then a cool outro. So keep listening for that last part. I love that part.
Track Name: pretty whatever
i'm pretty. i'm pretty. i'm pretty whatever. I wear larger tshirts. I wear glasses to hide my nose. my hair is almost gone. I can't stand in public for too long. My legs are fat, they scare me a lot cause I think everybody is looking at them. I'm pretty. I'm pretty. I'm pretty. whatever. Hey man remember when we were 7 years old you said "hey dude you're too fat to be inside of this tent" get out you're too big and not cool enough. I'm pretty. I'm pretty. I'm pretty. Whatever.
Track Name: bedside garbage can
everybody has someone to love. everybody has someone to love them. everybody has someone to run to. everybody has someone to hold them at night. I'm stuck with a man inside of my head telling me I'd be better off if I was dead.
Track Name: inside
theres a man theres a man theres a man in my head who's trying to take me out. Talking shit about all my friends. telling me they don't love me. They don't love you they don't love you anymore. they dont want you around at all. telling me to go away. Theres a man in my head telling me i'm second best at best. blah blah blah don't do anything at all stay inside your head.
Track Name: backyard
You have an incredible vocabulary, and I love to listen to you talk. I'm just a simpleton with good taste and a fool's heart. I'm playing in the backyard, thinking about how I'm going to say thank you for making me smile.
Track Name: bad at sex
lying in bed makes me nervous when i'm with you. I don't know what you think about my body. I don't know what you think about how I hit it. I cum too quick. I'm a failure. Gonna scream into my pillow till i don't want to fuck no more. Gonna scream into my pillow till i dont want to fuck no more.