from my brother's wall

by Agumon

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I've been writing these songs since last November. I'm proud of it.

I'm making tapes of this soon. It'll be sold from

Side A: from my brother's wall
Side B: Demos + Compilation Songs :+)

It's gonna be dope. These songs mean so much to me.
Let me know what you think. This is one of the few things I care about.


released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Agumon Baltimore, Maryland

I write songs in my room. That's all. Sometimes the songs are okay. You can find a comp called 'Thirteen Old Songs' on a bunch of different streaming services. Follow me on twitter to look at all the dumb garbage I say. Love ya!
- Ryan

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Track Name: goblin
I look like a goblin
my heart is full of sin
down and dead again
let's just stay in bed
I look like a goblin
teeth poking through my grin
tattered cloth stained in red
choke me is all i ever said
I look like a goblin
Track Name: meandchlorine
i never liked surprised, but you crept into my life in the sweetest way. with all the time behind us, I never really know what to say. No one can see how beautiful I feel when you hold onto me. You are the coolest human being, doing their god damn thing. Me and chlorine. Love is just jazz for cows, can you feel it when it echoes back? The sun is burning, we breathe it in, how lucky am i to exist in this state of mind? The coolest worm in the dirt took a liking to me. Me and Chlorine.
Track Name: kill the party
my feet used to love to dance, but lately I see no point. The world isn't playing it's old songs for me anymore. Where did the feeling go? Used to kill the party, used to kill the room. Couldn't control my blood, my anxiety didn't bother me when we could move. Maybe I just don't love dancing anymore, all alone. Maybe somewhere down the line I could find a white dress that I can wear. and maybe I won't love dancing anymore until I meet you. Just got to find a dress that I can wear, and put on my make-up. And maybe i won't love dancing anymore, until I meet you
Track Name: utah
you came to me in a dream and sang we followed the wrong arrow and drowned in the river. Your lips met mine but collapsed and sank into fossils in the earth. Woke up startled and afraid to speak, it's only been four years. Theres still so much I owe. Like spending a thousand nights with you, I feel guilty when i remember everything. At this rate I'll never feel the utah dirt. For a while, I missed you like a dog misses their human but then I caried on because I had to. I met the love of my life one year ago. And honestly, I can't wait to tell you. You'd be thrilled for me as I am for you. In a perfect world, your boyfriend wouldn't mind that we are friends. I just want you to know that I am doing better, I love you for everything and I can't wait to thank you.
Track Name: happy birthdayy
lack of an able mind, I struggle to survive. I am 21, wander through the cluttered carpet floor. My blood quakes, my naked body shakes, we're witnessing the end, welcome to the planet's wake. My brother taunts me, his world is glowing. He doesn't mean to, he hurts me. I don't know how, but livings easy. The puddle I stand tears the veins away from the blood, sometimes I feel it but then I disentegrate. Let the moss take over, or drown in the wrong lane. My body has a secret, she wants to be your sister. There is so much that you don't know. My tongue is severed, but i don't mind the feeling. Saying anything else is dangerous. The fires all around me, but some things just don't want to burn. Like the house almost lost, time takes its time to turn. I am twenty one, I am twenty one. In the walls of my own brain there is a happy room. I am twenty one. I am twenty one. Within the walls of my brain, there is a happy room. I am twenty one.
Track Name: postcard
hello earth, goodbye earth. it was nice to get to know you. Maybe i'll remember where I used to walk. Maybe I won't. damn my life wasted on mental failure. Falling in and out of my foggy body. hello earth goodbye earth, it was nice to get to know you. First kiss in the snow. The time my father starved me. Every failure on red paper, dying to die suddenly. Hello earth, goodbye earth, Hello earth, goodbye earth. Postcard from a drone, I am gone.